Things I’ve Realized

Yesterday marked the halfway point on my 27th year of life. The 27th year of me doing things right, doing things wrong, and not having any idea where to start. How I’ve learned so many lessons in my most recent years, some good, some not so good, some life changing, and some I wished I knew earlier in life. I feel like your late 20’s are the years where you start to have those “ah-ha” moments. The moments where some of your life questions get answered and you feel like you’re getting a pat on the back from life. I started thinking of those moments that I’ve had, those things I’ve come to terms with at 27 and a half years of life.


I can’t stay up past 11:30 PM- That my friends, is being generous. I’m lucky if I stay up past ten on most nights. I’ve always thought that I was more of a morning person, but in the recent months I’ve realized that I’m 100 percent correct. This has some to do with being a new mom but it was that way before as well. I’ve had nights where I plan to stay up late enough to watch Saturday Night Live or Jimmy Fallon. I would turn on all of the lights, go get a sugary coffee drink, and do whatever else I could think of to stay up. I would literally fall asleep right before the show started every single time. I’m not a night owl, never will be.


I can’t please everyone- I’ve tried for many years with this one. I like making as many people as I can happy and I like to make sure everyone gets what they want. That’s tiring to say the least. It also sets you up for failure when you can’t make someone happy or when you upset them. It took me a few attempts to realize that no matter how much I try I can’t control the feelings of others. It’s not up to me if they’re happy with me or not and I have to be okay with that.


I love Pizza- I’ve really grown to love Pizza. I’ve always liked it, because hello I’m normal, but I’ve found a new love for it the last couple of years. I think it started when Jason and I went to New York for our honeymoon. We found this amazing pizza place and a piece of my heart will forever be there. This pizza gave me a whole new love for that beautiful dough topped with delicious cheese and sauce.


I have to pick and choose my battles- In case you didn’t know, I’m stubborn **Cue my family saying yupppp** and you can tell rather easily. I’ve always been the type of person to tell you when I don’t agree with you or when I’m mad at what you’re doing. If I didn’t like it, you could tell. Whether it was an eye roll or a disgusted sigh. I’ve come to realize that I can’t always do this, especially as an adult. I’m going to piss the wrong people off and it’ll lead to bad outcomes. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re passionate about something or have a strong belief in something don’t stop. Never give up your beliefs. But is it worth getting in an argument that involves your close friend and possibly having them upset with you. There are ways to discuss things that don’t have to result in arguments.


I am Buddy the Elf- I love Christmas. I could go on and on about how much I love Christmas. November 1st is when I press play on the Christmas music and start spreading the cheer. I’ve met people in the last couple of years who have told me to my face how dumb I am for loving Christmas so much, as early as I do, but I don’t care. It’s something I take so much joy in and I won’t let people crush my holiday spirit.


My gut is usually right- If I think something’s wrong, I need to speak up. If I have a bad feeling in my stomach, I need to do something about it. Trusting your gut is sometimes the best thing you can do. I’ve had moments where I’m sitting there thinking to myself “this isn’t right” and I didn’t speak up. Your gut will tell you if you’re in the wrong or not, if you have a bad feeling you should act on it.


Candle shopping is one of my favorite past times- The 2 for 22 candle sale at Bath and Body Works gives me life. I have to smell every single candle individually and really think about which candle I’m going to buy. I could be having the worst day ever, but I know that all I have to do is walk into a Bath and Body Works and my day can be fixed instantly.


There’s nothing How I Met Your Mother can’t fix- Everyone has a TV Show that makes you laugh. A show where you feel emotionally involved in the fake lives of the characters, for me it’s How I Met Your Mother. I started watching it a couple of years ago and I’ll never look back. I know that if I’m having a bad day, I need some background noise for cleaning, or if I’m just bored this show will boost my spirits one Ted Mosby bad relationship at a time.


It’s possible for your whole world to be 20 something pounds and covered in drool- I love my friends, family, and husband, but there’s a special love I have for my son. No matter what is happening in my life I know that at the end of the day he’ll be happy to see me. He’ll be there smiling and clapping his hands at anything and everything. Even when he throws his little fits I can’t get enough of him. my whole world is locked into one little person and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m doing something right- I put a lot of pressure on myself, to do everything right and be as perfect as I can be. When things go wrong I take it personally. Sometimes I feel like I keep screwing things up. It’s normal. But there are little times where I’m reminded that I’m doing just fine. Last Wednesday I got a text from my dad saying he heard our song on the radio (Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody) and that he thought of me. I see him almost every day and talk to multiple times a day, yet one song made him think of me. It was my little reminder that I must be doing something right.

Megan’s Month: March 2017


Oh sneaky little month’ve passed by so incredibly fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was praying for February to be over so I could get over that non stop sickness, and now baseball season is right around the corner.

Life does that to you.

You think that you’ll be stuck in your daily routine, or whatever problem you’re facing will last all day every day.

Then it’s over.

Everything goes by so fast.

My wonderful little bundle of joy turned five months old this month…


It might not seem like much but all of my mom friends can agree that it all goes by so fast. He’s so close to crawling, next he’ll be walking, and if I’m lucky he’ll be running.

That kid keeps us on our toes.

He had a little ear infection this month and it caused Jason and I to be more aware, well we are already but more aware. Any spare time we had was spent by his side making sure he was comfortable and happy.

Which this kid always is.


He is happy 97 percent of the time and I love it. It makes me think, if a 5 month old has a fever and an ear infection and he can still smile, then I can too.

His joy for life and curiosity is everything.

Track also started this month, well technically it started on February 27th, but you get my point.

That has been a crazy ride within itself.

I usually coach the distance runners because hello, distance running runs through my veins.

My dad and I started the hurdle program back up last year and it consisted of four runners who met maybe three times a week and jumped over hurdles for 20 minutes or so.

It has now grown to 12 consistent hurdlers who all work so hard, and I’m not just saying that. I haven’t worked with my usual distance kids, it’s weird, but I like our hurdlers. I like what we’ve created.

These kids listen to us, have faith in us, and trust us. There is now this little hurdle family that I’m so proud of and they’ve only competed in two meets so far.

That’s another thing.

A majority of these hurdlers have either never done it before, or are freshmen. In middle school they jumped over a much shorter height than in high school. For instance, in middle school the boys ran the 100 meter over 30 inch hurdlers, in high school they have to adjust to the 110 meter with 39 inch hurdlers.

Nine inches might not see like a lot, but you should compare the two if you ever get a chance.

These kids do it though.

They adjust to the change of middle school to high school, or never jumping over a hurdle before and they do it.

They aren’t afraid, or if they are they don’t show it at all.

They continue to improve and run the workouts even though it’s such a new change.

That’s mainly what March has consisted of.. Ian and Track.

I go to work, go to practice, pick Ian up from my mom, take care of him and our family, sleep, and do it until the weekend.

That’s why it goes by so fast.

We are all so buckled down on our routines, and next thing you know your child is approaching six months and you’re staring at old newborn pictures on your phone…just me…cool.

But that’s fine.

Routines are just fine, your routine is what makes your life.

I love my routine and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And what’s most important, is that when you’re routine gets tough, when you have a hurdle to get over, that you get over it.

Life sometimes doesn’t go “according to plan” and things happen.

New things, hard things, scary things.

But you find the beauty in them and you grow.

That’s my theme this month..

Being brave in spite of the hard things.

I’ve seen on multiple different occasions this month, people being brave and doing things that seem hard. Whether you’re a five month old baby and you smile through a sickness, or you’re a runner learning a new event.

You become brave and you tackle the hard stuff.

Some other things I’ve been loving this month..

Drake’s “More Life” Album

Jane the Virgin

Venti Iced Coffee’s

Working out

My sister

Teaching Ian how to crawl

Listening to music loudly


March had a lot of beauty hidden in it. There was a lot of growth and courage from so many different people around me. So many people tackling things in their lives. Jumping over those little hurdles that would scare anyone else. They put their brave faces on and tackled the hard stuff. In the midst of their daily routines, they tackled it all. Try not to get so lost in the hard things, try to find the good and them. And appreciate the good in your daily routines.

Soundtrack to March 2017:


Quote of the month:

“The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was.”

27 for 27.


I turn 27 today.

I am only three years away from turning 30..

Breathe’ve got this..

After having a mild heart attack wondering how I went from 22 to 27 so fast. Seriously..I’m not just saying feels like just yesterday I was walking through Monmouth on my way to class with my track clothes on. I have no idea how I turned into an adult..and how do I make it stop?

I love Birthdays, so much, and for that reason I tried to think of any way to make this Birthday better than the rest.

26 was a wonderful year full of new things and lots of love, but I want 27 to be better..if that’s even possible. I spent quite a bit of time trying to think of how to start this year off with a bang.

Then it came to me.

Seeing other people happy makes me happy, and I love surprising people, so why don’t I give back for my birthday this year.

 I got to brainstorming and came up with 27 ways that I could give others happiness for my birthday. It was going to be hard but it was going to be worth it. The week leading up to my birthday..or Birthday Week as I like to call it..I would complete 27 acts of kindness for 27 years on this earth.

27 for 27.

  1. Put sticky notes on mirrors in bathrooms at work with words of encouragement.
  2. Send flowers to my mom thanking her for putting up with me for 27 years.
  3. Buy coffee for the car behind me at Starbucks.
  4. Bring cookies to my morning crew at my local Dutch Brothers.
  5. Put cookies in the mailbox for the mailman.
  6. Put two dollars in envelopes on vending machines at work with a note on them that read “buy a snack on me.”
  7. Put quarters in sticker and toy machines at Fred Meyer.
  8. Write a letter to my best friend just to tell her how awesome she is.
  9. Bring my dad lunch and sit down and have lunch with him.
  10. Cut coupons and tape them to the specific item at the store.
  11. Buy the person behind me in line their Chipotle.
  12. Collect shopping carts outside of Target and put them in the cart racks.
  13. Bring my sister a balloon to work.
  14. Donate clothes to the Salvation Army.
  15. Leave our neighbor a note with a coffee gift card on his car.
  16. Leave a note in my favorite book at book bin with an encouraging message.
  17. Leave my husband a note thanking him for being wonderful and for all that he does.
  18. Make cards for each of my coworkers thanking them for the awesome job that they do.
  19. Leave positive notes around a store with empowering quotes on them.
  20. Leave popcorn on a redbox with a note saying “enjoy some popcorn with your movie.”
  21. Leave packets of sticky notes on random desks at work with positive quotes on them.
  22. Tape a dollar to candy bars at Target.
  23. Put money in an envelope and tape it to a box of diapers with a note saying “parenting is hard, here’s some help.”
  24. Bring donuts to cops.
  25. Leave tennis balls at the dog park.
  26. Leave a coffee gift card for my little brother just because.
  27. Leave words of encouragement all around the campus at work.

27 was a lot, but it seriously felt great.

The very first thing I did was leave my mailman a pack of Oreo’s thanking them for their service, and as I was pulling away from the mailbox I heard on the radio that it was national thank a mail carrier day..I literally gave myself a high-five. I was so surprised and so weirdly excited that they were going to get this on a day where they probably weren’t expecting anything.

That left me in a great mood, so I went to my favorite Dutch Brothers location to give them some cookies I made..their reaction was so worth it. They were genuinely happy and surprised and it felt great.

The first two things I did felt great, I could have stopped there because I already felt like I succeeded. That’s how easy it is.

The world needs more kindness. We need more people willing to step up and do acts of kindness. One simple act can go so far, you can completely turn someones day around just by sending them a letter in the mail. Seriously. I’m not saying that you need to run around with a basket full of glitter passing out unicorn stickers (I’m all for stickers) but just the smallest of things can make a difference.

If you get a chance to do something for someone else..

do it.

Big or small.

Buy the car behind you a cup of coffee..

Thank your coworker for always going above and beyond..

Send someone flowers just because.

Whatever it is do something, you will feel so good and you will encourage others to do the same with your actions.

Cheers to 27.