Happy Birthday Janelle.


Happy Birthday Boo.

I honestly can’t believe we’re 28 today.

Isn’t that cool?


I don’t know many people who can say that.

Obviously anyone with the same birthday can say that, but you get what I mean.

I’m so incredibly lucky to have gotten to spend 28 birthdays with you.

My best friend.

I could only wish that everyone could experience what it’s like to have a built in best friend from birth.

It’s pretty awesome.

I never had to question if someone would be there for me when I got my heart broken.

Or when I made a bad decision.

From starting school together, to driving to Western every day for three years.

You were there.

I’ll admit.

I was a little scared when I got married, scared because we wouldn’t be living together.

We had been roommates for 25 and a half years up to that point. The fact that you weren’t going to get up early in the morning and drink coffee while watching say yes to the dress with me was terrifying.

I had to start doing things by myself.

Obviously after college we chose different careers.

We went from working together to working separately.

We started doing our own things at about age 23, but it was still scary.

Going from having your person there 24/7 to only a couple of hours a day if we were lucky.

I’d say that we’ve done a good job figuring it out at this point.

We call each other throughout the day, and have kept our 680 day snapchat streak strong.

Because that’s who we are.

We can’t go without talking.

Even if we’re mad at each other, it doesn’t last all but a couple of hours.

I’ll admit, I’ve been mad at you.

I’ve thrown remotes and medicine balls at you, and called you a not so nice name once or twice.

There’s a reason I’m the “mean” twin.

But I’m sure you deserved it.

Just like I’ve deserved all of the tough love you’ve given me throughout the years.

There’s even been times where I wanted to shake some sense into you, but I had to learn to let you figure things out.

That was the hardest.

Last year I wanted to.

I wanted to butt in like I always did, and give you my unsolicited advice that you were so use to.

But I didn’t.

I had to let you figure it out.

And I’m so happy I did.

Watching you bloom into this amazing person, mother, girlfriend, and teacher.

You went through hell and back and came out stronger than ever.

I’m so proud of you.

When others try to break you, you fight back.

When you fall, you get right back up.

Out of all of the things, I think my favorite thing about us is running together.

Since day one of our running careers at age twelve, we’ve been side by side.

On those days where I didn’t want to run.

On my bad days and my good.

You were there.

I’ll never forget Junior year in high school when you won districts in the 800 and I ran onto the track to give you a hug.

And the next year when I won in the 3000 and you were the first one that I wanted to hug.

All the way to Junior year in college when I paced you for the first 400 of your 800 race and you qualified for Nationals.

You were usually faster than me, except for a handful of times.

And when I did beat you, I was filled with so much joy.

Not because I wanted to beat you and rub it in your face, but because you were my hero when it came to running. If I beat you, I did something amazing in my eyes.

We’ve been through numerous 5k’s, track meets, cross country races, and even a marathon together.

We’ve done it all.

You and I.

Megan and Janelle.

That’s how it’s always been.

Even though I can hear you now saying “no it’s Janelle and Megan.”

It’s always been us.

Through everything, you’ve been right there.

And I thank you.

Thank you for not making fun of me when I say something stupid.

Thank you for slowly memorizing every song from the Speak Now album by Taylor swift, until we knew every word to every song.

Thank you for running thousands of miles with me.

Thank you for bringing me dutch all of those times.

Thank you for the endless selfies, the good and the unflattering. And thank you for not taking too many screenshots of the unflattering ones.

Thank you for hours or car trips and pretty little liar viewing parties.

Thank you for being the Anna to my Elsa and everything in between.

Have the best day ever.



27 things I loved about being 27.


If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love my birthday.


The countdown has been on since New Years.

I wish I could tell you it’s because of some sentimental reason.

But I just love my birthday, and I love that I get to share it with my best friend.

It’s always been one of my favorite days of the year, besides Christmas.

As you get older, some may say it looses its spark.

That once you turn 21 every birthday after that sucks.

Don’t believe them.

Each and every birthday after is what you make it.

If you don’t care about your birthday, don’t care.

But if you want to be treated like a queen put that crown on.

Its what you want it to be.

For instance, I turn 28 on Thursday.

I’m two years away from 30..don’t panic Megan..DONT PANIC.

And I think my birthday is just as special as when I was younger.

It’s your day to accept your awesomeness.

Told you I loved birthdays.

I’ve been trying to think of a birthday blog post, something to summarize how awesome my 27th year was.

Although I couldn’t tell you 27 life lessons I learned while being 27, I can definitely highlight 27 things about this year.


27 was a great year.

And I think you should always leave one year with positive thoughts, in hope that the next year will be just as great if not better.

So I bring you my early birthday present,

27 things that I loved about being 27.

1. That the dodgers made it to the World Series.

2. My amazing nephew Cam.

3. Deciding to dye my hair brown again.

4. My hurdle crew.

5. When I learned to let the negative people go.

6. Every single milestone that Ian hit; crawling, getting his teeth, walking, saying mama and dada. The list goes on people.

7. Realizing how capable I am.

8. Crossing another baseball stadium off of my list.

9. Ian taking his first trip to California.

10. That McKay finally got their new turf.

11. Seeing two of the kids I use to coach running in college.

12. Taking my family pictures.

13. Dressing up as the power rangers for Halloween.

14. Leaving my old job at the hospital.

15. Starting my new job at McKay.

16. Taking Ian to his first college football game, even though it was an Oregon State game.

17. Running my first race in three years and placing first in my age group.

18. Watching the people I love change for the better.

19. My dads awesome surprise birthday party.

20. Our multiple beach trip with our friends and their families.

21. Getting my new tattoo.

22. Taylor Swift releasing her new album “Reputation.”

23. Deciding to watch every episode of Will and Grace.

24. The LANY concert that I love so much.

25. Getting my nose pierced.

26. One of my hurdlers getting 5th in the 110’s at the district Track meet.

27. Finding out that New Girl got one more season.

There you have it.

Honestly I’ll admit, the last six or so we’re hard to think of. I had to look at the pictures on my phone and try to remember what happened.

But the first 20 or so just came to me, as fast as I could type them.

The things that truly made me smile this year.

And not everything has to be some sentimental life lesson about finding yourself.

It can be as easy as finding a new tv show you liked, or realizing a local coffee shop serves pumpkin lattes all year round.

The small things make up the big picture.

The memories you had.

The lessons you may have learned.

The things that made you smile.

Those are what make up your year.

I hope 28 brings me half as much joy as 27 brought me.

I hope its filled with more concerts, baseball games, and memories of my little boy.

This will be a great year, I can feel it.

27 for 27.


I turn 27 today.

I am only three years away from turning 30..

Breathe Megan..you’ve got this..

After having a mild heart attack wondering how I went from 22 to 27 so fast. Seriously..I’m not just saying this..it feels like just yesterday I was walking through Monmouth on my way to class with my track clothes on. I have no idea how I turned into an adult..and how do I make it stop?

I love Birthdays, so much, and for that reason I tried to think of any way to make this Birthday better than the rest.

26 was a wonderful year full of new things and lots of love, but I want 27 to be better..if that’s even possible. I spent quite a bit of time trying to think of how to start this year off with a bang.

Then it came to me.

Seeing other people happy makes me happy, and I love surprising people, so why don’t I give back for my birthday this year.

 I got to brainstorming and came up with 27 ways that I could give others happiness for my birthday. It was going to be hard but it was going to be worth it. The week leading up to my birthday..or Birthday Week as I like to call it..I would complete 27 acts of kindness for 27 years on this earth.

27 for 27.

  1. Put sticky notes on mirrors in bathrooms at work with words of encouragement.
  2. Send flowers to my mom thanking her for putting up with me for 27 years.
  3. Buy coffee for the car behind me at Starbucks.
  4. Bring cookies to my morning crew at my local Dutch Brothers.
  5. Put cookies in the mailbox for the mailman.
  6. Put two dollars in envelopes on vending machines at work with a note on them that read “buy a snack on me.”
  7. Put quarters in sticker and toy machines at Fred Meyer.
  8. Write a letter to my best friend just to tell her how awesome she is.
  9. Bring my dad lunch and sit down and have lunch with him.
  10. Cut coupons and tape them to the specific item at the store.
  11. Buy the person behind me in line their Chipotle.
  12. Collect shopping carts outside of Target and put them in the cart racks.
  13. Bring my sister a balloon to work.
  14. Donate clothes to the Salvation Army.
  15. Leave our neighbor a note with a coffee gift card on his car.
  16. Leave a note in my favorite book at book bin with an encouraging message.
  17. Leave my husband a note thanking him for being wonderful and for all that he does.
  18. Make cards for each of my coworkers thanking them for the awesome job that they do.
  19. Leave positive notes around a store with empowering quotes on them.
  20. Leave popcorn on a redbox with a note saying “enjoy some popcorn with your movie.”
  21. Leave packets of sticky notes on random desks at work with positive quotes on them.
  22. Tape a dollar to candy bars at Target.
  23. Put money in an envelope and tape it to a box of diapers with a note saying “parenting is hard, here’s some help.”
  24. Bring donuts to cops.
  25. Leave tennis balls at the dog park.
  26. Leave a coffee gift card for my little brother just because.
  27. Leave words of encouragement all around the campus at work.

27 was a lot, but it seriously felt great.

The very first thing I did was leave my mailman a pack of Oreo’s thanking them for their service, and as I was pulling away from the mailbox I heard on the radio that it was national thank a mail carrier day..I literally gave myself a high-five. I was so surprised and so weirdly excited that they were going to get this on a day where they probably weren’t expecting anything.

That left me in a great mood, so I went to my favorite Dutch Brothers location to give them some cookies I made..their reaction was so worth it. They were genuinely happy and surprised and it felt great.

The first two things I did felt great, I could have stopped there because I already felt like I succeeded. That’s how easy it is.

The world needs more kindness. We need more people willing to step up and do acts of kindness. One simple act can go so far, you can completely turn someones day around just by sending them a letter in the mail. Seriously. I’m not saying that you need to run around with a basket full of glitter passing out unicorn stickers (I’m all for stickers) but just the smallest of things can make a difference.

If you get a chance to do something for someone else..

do it.

Big or small.

Buy the car behind you a cup of coffee..

Thank your coworker for always going above and beyond..

Send someone flowers just because.

Whatever it is do something, you will feel so good and you will encourage others to do the same with your actions.

Cheers to 27.