About Me

Hello! First off, thanks for stumbling across my blog! I really hope you find it interesting and want to stay around for a little, maybe have some coffee and bond about our love of Grey’s Anatomy? Let’s start off with the basics real quick. My name is Megan Nicole, I am 30 years old but sometimes still feel 20. I am married to my best friend and amazing husband Jason. We are opposites but complement each other so well. Who else would sit in bed eating cereal with you while watching New Girl with you at 9:30 at night? Your best friend? Exactly! We have a little bundle of craziness named Ian who joined us in October of 2016. He is our whole world! I have an identical twin sister, so if by random chance you see me on the street and say “hi Megan I love your blog it’s amazing” and she just kind of politely smiles, that’s Janelle. She’s awesome. We are the same person at times while being completely different. She’s my car karaoke buddy, and the person who helps pump coffee into my veins. She also spent her whole life running besides me so I wouldn’t get kidnapped. My family is my whole world, seriously. I know some people say that but mine is the absolute best. My mom and dad do so much to make sure our family stays close by having family fantasy football leagues and weekly Sunday night dinners. My little brother isn’t awful either, honestly I really didn’t like him at all when I was growing up. I thought his whole purpose in life was so drive me to complete insanity, little did I know that as I got older I would find out he’s cooler than my sister sometimes.

I spent ages 12 through 22 running Cross Country and Track competitively in middle school, high school, and college. Running shaped me into the person I am today, seriously, I wouldn’t be who I am without it. I made some amazing lifelong friends and traveled to some pretty amazing places. After I graduated from college in 2012 I missed running so much I decided to train for a local marathon! Wow, that is one crazy ride let me tell you. While training I decided to join my sister in helping out with our high school cross country team during the summer of 2013. That’s where I met my husband aka the head coach of the team, that’s where I still find myself today.. My family loved the team so much my dad became the head Track and Field Coach in 2014 and it has been a family event since. If it wasn’t for running I would not have the life I have now.

I am pretty outspoken, I will tell you exactly what I am thinking without thinking it over myself. I have strong opinions but I will listen to yours, I just might not fully listen to them. I have an obsession with Grey’s Anatomy, seriously, Grey’s is life people. I grew up with Taylor Swift as my queen, I can probably dedicate every song to at least one person in my life or one experience. I am your basic white girl and in love with anything fall. When the leaves start turning a different color you can find me wrapped up in flannel inhaling my pumpkin spice latte with a pumpkin candle lit in the corner. I also become Buddy the Elf during Christmas time. I am not joking. November 1st is a holiday, it’s when I officially start listening to Christmas music. Even though my husband doesn’t let me decorate till after thanksgiving, I start the celebration on November 1st. I am the kind of person that would rather spend my Saturday nights at home watching TV instead of going to a club and getting drunk. I also can quote the entire movie, Step Brothers. I hope you find my blog and my life stories helpful, hilarious, and interesting and decide to stay around for a little bit.