My Bucket List


What’s your bucket list? If you had unlimited resources what would you do? Go crazy.

If you had unlimited resources to do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?

If you could go anywhere or do anything, what is it?

I’ve heard the term bucket list before a million times like everyone else, but I’ve never actually sat down and wrote one.

It’s fun, to dream.

To think of anything you could do, if you could do it.

To have these ideas in your head that you want to do one day.

To live for the dreams that flood your mind while wandering.

Something so simple that can give you something to work for one day.

That if you ever had the opportunity to do it, you would.

I’m a firm believer now, that everyone should make a bucket list.

A vision of things you would love to one day accomplish.

So here it is,

My Bucket List

Go to Hawaii
Travel by myself
Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Learn how to swim
See every MLB stadium
Visit Santorini Greece
See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Take my loved ones on their dream vacation
Go to opening day at Dodger Stadium with my dad
Visit platform 9 3/4
Write a book
Take a road trip across the United States
Be part of a TV Show audience
See the Eiffel Tower
Visit Disney World
Go to the Olympics
Go indoor Skydiving
Run through Central Park
Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
See an Oakland Raiders game
Go to The Ohio State University and see a football game
Go scuba diving
Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Step foot on every continent
Watch the Northern Lights
Give my parents their dream vacation
Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris
Go to a midnight movie premier
Go to every state

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this throughout my life, this is just something I’ve worked on throughout the last few days. All of the things that if I could, I would do. Consider this my starting place, for my bucket list. That I can come back to and cross off things if I do them, that I can add to if I think of more.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a bucket list at first, I thought it was pointless to create one if I wasn’t going to be able to do anything off of it.

But it’s important to dream, isn’t it?

I want to teach Ian that it’s important to have dreams.

To have things that you want to work for.

Things that fill your mind with wonder every day.

I want to show him that no matter how big or small, that no dream is out of reach.

And if I can have a list of things I aspire to do one day, that he can too.

That it’s okay to dream.

So try it.

Create a bucket list.

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