Top 5 Values


What are your top five values in life? 

When I looked at this prompt I knew of at least one thing I valued in life.

Which sounds sad, that on the top of my head I could only think of one thing I value in life.

And it is.

I’ve just never sat down and asked myself, what are my values?

Try it.

Right now, before you keep reading, try and think of five values you have in life.

Do you have them?

How about now?

If you were able to think of five, congratulations.

If not, then I feel like you are in the same situation as most of us.

You have values, but you can’t quite put your finger on it right away.

If you’re like me, you’ve never actually been asked what your values are.

It’s crazy now that I think about it.

Values are so important.

They’re what we should be modeling our life after.

They’re what we should be teaching our children.

What we look for in others.

Our values are what we believe in.

We should be able to think of these faster.

We should be able to pull out a little card that has all of our values color coded and ranked according to most important.

Okay not really, but we should be able to have a better understanding of our values and at least be aware of them.

What do I value.

What are the things I look to live my life by.

Like I said earlier, I can think of one right away because of the way I was raised.


Honesty is something that I was raised with. Was I always honest growing up? No. But it was something that my parents taught us young. That being honest teaches trust in one another and if you have trust then you’ll have a great relationship. That not being honest can strain a relationship or cause tension and if you can’t trust someone you can’t have it all. I believe honesty is one of the most important things that you can have.


I think I value effort from running. I found out from a young age that when you give all of your effort during a workout or race that you’ll get greatness in return. That during those days when I didn’t feel like trying or didn’t give it my all during practice that I wouldn’t have a great workout. I use this in coaching. I try and tell my kids that your best effort is the way to get the best results, and I’ll tell Ian the same thing when he’s older.


This might be weird, appreciation. That I value appreciation in my day to day life. But think about it. If you thank others and show your appreciation for even the smallest of things you’ll make their day. I believe it’s so important to say thank you in any way you can. Whether it’s literally just saying thank you, or buying your friend a cup of coffee when they need it. Appreciation will make you feel good and more importantly, make others feel good.


I’m not the most positive person in the world, I try to be, but I’ve been known to be a glass half empty type of person from time to time. Hope keeps me going. Hope is that thing I can look to when the negative nelly tries to come through. It’s that thing that keeps me going when I’m having a bad day or feeling down. Having hope that no matter what, something good can happen.


No matter what, it’s important to laugh. There’s not a family get together where someone in my family isn’t laughing. Or a day in my household where Jason and I aren’t making each other laugh. You could be having the hardest day, and laughing can brighten your mood for just the slightest second. Humor can get you through anything.

Honesty, effort, appreciation, hope, and humor.

Five things that I value so much in life.

Five things that I’ve learned from others and try to live my life by.

Try it.

Think of your values.

Of what you and try and live your life by.

It’ll give you a little perspective and help you remember what you hold important in life.





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