My support system.


Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely believe in and support you. Explore their traits and what it is they do and say that mean so much to you.

We all know the three things I love most in the world.


Grey’s Anatomy.

And my family.

(In no particular order, just for dramatic effect.)

In a majority of my posts I’ve gone on and on about how much my family means to me.

My whole life they’ve been my biggest supporters and I would be nowhere without them.

That’s why.

Today I get to explore my support system a little more, and add a couple people that aren’t necessarily family but are just as special.

Lets not make this any longer than it needs to be and get straight to the list, because we know this is going to be a long one.

Am I right?


My husband.

Jason has been the best part of the last five years. He supports my ideas and helps me be realistic about them. No matter what it is that I’m trying to accomplish he’s right there telling me that I can do it. Nothings too big that I can’t do in his eyes. He’s probably the happiest person I know, and is so incredibly outgoing and he helps bring it out in me. He helps give me the energy that to go out and reach my dreams.


My sister.

For most of my life, if I did anything, Janelle was right there. Literally. From our first track practice, first day of school, car rides to Monmouth, my wedding day, Cameron’s birth. We’ve always been right by each others side. Janelle has always been my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I can just remember how flustered she would get if anyone tried to do me wrong or push me in a race. I can hear how loud she would get for me and see how high she would jump from celebrating. In college before each cross country race we would stand right next to one another on the line and hold hands, just for a second, but it was just what we did. I knew that no matter what Janelle was always going to be there for me and love me. Janelle is everything I wish I could be; creative, patient, and accepting. She will always support me, no matter what it is, she will be right there telling me I did a great job. These last few years have been different, doing things without each other. I was always so nervous to get to this stage in life, when Janelle wasn’t right by me, but everything that I’ve ventured off to do, she’s cheering me on.


My dad.

The reason I’m as strong as I am. No matter what it was growing up, my dad would always remind me to be tough. He would remind me that I could do anything, even if I didn’t believe it myself. Nothing was out of my reach in his eyes. After my last college race my dad and I stood along the fence waiting to watch Janelle run. We reminisced on my 10 year track career and he told me how proud of me he was. In that moment I was nervous, would I keep doing things that made him proud. Even if I wasn’t running competitively anymore? He ran to the medical tent when I passed out after my marathon, and told me during our father and daughter dance at my wedding how proud of me he was. He even reads every blog post and supports me in this journey. I can see it every time he looks at Ian how proud of him he is and I know that I’m so lucky. I now get two ways to make my dad proud, in my actions and in my son. Seeing him so proud of Ian means the world to me and reminds me that no matter what I do in life he’ll be so proud of me.


My mom.

The kindest, funniest, most loving person. My mom keeps me grounded. If I tell her I want to do something she always reminds me to look at both sides. To see everything that could happen and to be real about everything, but no matter what I choose to do, she encourages me so much. Senior year in high school when I was about to win the district meet for track in the 3000 I have my mom on video tape screaming “GO MEGAN, YOU’RE THE BOMB!” It sums up my mom perfectly. So encouraging no matter what, she will even scream it at the top of her lungs. I love when my mom tells me she’s proud of me. I remember the day I got my first big kid job, she sent me an email telling me how proud of me she was, I saved it, and looked at it whenever I was having a bad day. Just her words of encouragement mean the world to me. I love that no matter what I do, my mom will be cheering on the side.


My brother.

Curtis is sarcastic, real, and is always making jokes. Up until a few years ago I thought his only goal in life was to make my life hell. I really bonded with him a few years back and got to appreciate him more. I saw how honest he is and how real he is. If I have this idea and it’s a dumb idea, he’ll be honest and tell me. I appreciate that honesty so much. Even when it comes to running, he might not have a choice, but he’ll be in Portland at 5 am ready to watch me run 26.2 miles if he has to. Recently I needed his help. I was interviewing for a job that I wanted more than anything, and this kid always kills interviews. I thought it was just dumb luck, but I was wrong. He helped me so much, and when I had my interviews he was so interested to find out how I did and was so genuinely happy when I got the job. Even though I don’t always see it, Curtis is always there to support me.


My best friend.

This girl right here is one of the best humans on the planet. From the very first day of practice when I dragged her across the turf to my wedding day when she stood next to me as I married my best friend, this girl has supported me in everything. We ran this 5k once in College that we named the best friend 5k. The first few laps we talked to each other the entire time. We kept encouraging each other and reminding each other that we’ve got this. When I was ready to make a move and leave her she said “it’s ok Megs you’ve got this” and allowed me to go my own way and run my race. She was right there when we finished to congratulate me and was so proud of me. That goes for everything in life. Even though were at different points in our lives I know she’ll be there. To tell me that it’s ok and that I’ve got it. Her love and support means the world to me.


My grandmas. Two of the most supportive women out there. They were always out at races and school events, camera in hand, so proud of everything I did. My grandma Everetts even has a shirt with mine and Janelle’s faces on it. I know that whatever I do they’ll be behind me 100 percent. These two women help encourage me in my moments of doubt or fear. They’re always right there cheering me on and telling me that I can do it. Everyone should be able to feel the love and support a grandma can give. They really do make you feel like you can achieve even your wildest dreams.

My kids.

They might think that I support them and help them see their true potential but they do the same for me every single day. I learn so much from them and seeing their hard work paying off or seeing them get PR’s makes me believe in myself and what I’m doing. Especially with hurdles, I look forward to practice every day with these kids. One of my hurdlers this last track season did not want to run the 300 hurdles at a meet, he was over it. I was trying to encourage him as much as I could. Being my real self I told him to get over it and stop being a baby, to just run his race. Sure enough he had a huge PR and won his race. Afterwards he gave me his medal and told me that without me he wouldn’t have earned it. My proudest moment to date as a coach.

1493 words.

All about the wonderful people in my life that support me along the way.

I know that I would not be where I am today without any of them.

That my life wouldn’t be as wonderful without them by my side.

I am truly the luckiest person.

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