I cheated.


Share your inner most secret. Something you’ve never told anyone before.

I cheated.

I know I know.

It’s awful to cheat.

It was so hard for me to think of a secret that I’ve never told anyone.

Because I tell at least my sister everything.

Well clearly not everything.

I was ten and in the fourth grade.

I sucked at Math (and still do) and we had to take our fifth grade math placement test.

I sat by this super smart girl and cheated off of her test. I just stared right at her paper and copied her answers.

Don’t worry karma got me, I was placed in a math class higher than I should have been in and struggled.


That felt great to get off my chest.


Did you think I cheated on someone by the title?

You must not know me that well.

I saw this list last Monday and have been thinking about a big secret that I’ve never told anyone.

This was the first and only one that came to mind.

First off, I don’t keep secrets.

Not because of some moral reason.

I just can’t keep them.

As I said above I always go running to Janelle.

I’ve kept a few secrets in my life, but only long enough to wait until the person finds out themselves because I can’t keep them in.

Second, I’m not really a rebel.

I don’t do things that I want to hide from anyone.

A few weeks ago I remember telling someone that my way of rebelling is going five miles over the speed limit.


I can see my sister laughing right now reading this because it’s true about both of us.

We follow the rules.

We didn’t really do anything terrible growing up.

And we always asked permission before going out or doing things.

We just prefer to follow the rules.

Some people get a sense of thrill from rebelling or doing something there not supposed to.

I really do love following rules.

It’s just who I am.

The fact that this is my biggest secret that I’ve never told anyone should tell you right there.

I’m the person that always says please and thank you.

Holds the door open for people.

Thinks rules were made to be followed.

Gets a weird joy out of cleaning.

And rebels by going five miles over the speed limit.

Not that anything’s wrong with people who do whatever they want or live these awesome carefree lives.

My brother is one of those people, and I envy him.

I love how he can just have this idea and act on it.

I physically can’t do that.

I would love to but I can’t.

It’s so funny how siblings can be similar but completely different.

But it’s true.

Janelle and I follow the rules and my brother makes his own.

And that’s fine.

It’s why my biggest life secret is that I cheated on a test in 4th grade.

And I’m perfectly ok with that.

I’m who I am.

Hi my names Megan and my biggest life secret is that I cheated on my math test in fourth grade.



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