Where would you go?


If you could run away where would you go? Would you go?

There’s always one place in my mind.

A place that I instantly fell in love with the first time I saw it.

Maybe it’s because when I first saw it at age 15 I was in complete awe and knew that I wanted to go back.

Or because I got to explore it with my husband ten years later.

New York City.

I wouldn’t normally love somewhere that’s flooded with people and noise, since I can barely handle crowds at the grocery store.

But there’s something about New York that I just love.

If there’s a movie or television show that takes place in New York, I have to watch it.

Pictures of the view from the Empire State Building.

The thought of pizza from Rubirosa.

Or bagels from H&H.

Anything that has me dreaming of the City that never sleeps.

Jason and I went there on our honeymoon.

I know, I know, New York on your honeymoon?

Not the typical honeymoon destination.

We decided we wanted to go somewhere we would have endless adventures.

And New York was that place.

We stayed in a hotel on the upper East Side near the edge of Central Park.

Our hotel room was so incredibly small and the view from our window was a brick wall.

Glamours I know.

There was a little secret to it though.

If you went to the rooftop you had this amazing view of Central Park.

We both knew it would be the first place we had to go.

We tried going at night.

I felt like Kevin McCallister in that one scene of Home Alone 2 where he walks through there at night.

Not our best idea.

During the day was much better.

We walked for 12 miles and still didn’t cover it all.

It was easily my favorite part of the trip.

Besides the bagels of course.

We walked miles and miles.

Mastered the subway after a few trips.

Went to the Bronx Zoo.

Saw a Yankee game at night against the Red Soxs.

Saw the World Trade Center memorial.

Got to watch the Today Show film.

Went to the Museum of Natural History.

One of the highlights of the trip was taking a boat tour.

We hopped on this relatively small boat and took off along the outer part of the city.

We had Brooklyn on one side and New York on the other.

Seeing the city as the sun set and the buildings all lit up, was the most wonderful site.

And the Statue of Liberty in all her glory.

It was the best trip.

But it’s just something about that city.

The feeling that you can be anyone you want to be.

That dreams completely fall apart or come true right in front of your eyes.

There’s something about the magic of New York City that I just loved.

Would I go if I had the opportunity to just run away?


I’m not impulsive.

And I wouldn’t go unless my family could go with me.

The city is so big and full of life.

But can also feel very lonely.

I wouldn’t want to go by myself.

If I had the opportunity to pack my loved ones up and explore the city at this time of year, I would go.

Just not by myself.

Maybe I love the city because of this time of year.

I’ve never been lucky enough to get to see it during this time of year, but I want to do it in my lifetime.

And during New Year’s.

I’ve been do Las Vegas many times, and dodger stadium is amazing, but New York City has my heart and always will.


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