Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they and do they have any meaning?

When I was twenty I wanted a tattoo soooo bad.

Lots of o’s to really emphasize how bad I wanted one.

I remember exactly what it was.

I wanted the word “Strength” on the top of my foot.

You can laugh.

Looking back I realize it wasn’t the most original idea I’ve ever had.

I went to Vegas for the first time that year and I swore that I was going to get it done there.

My dad said I should wait until I really knew if that’s what I wanted.

So despite my eagerness to get one, I waited.

That and it would have been 200 dollars in Vegas.

Nah I’m good.

That November my grandpa passed away.

Right before my sister and I left with our team to the National Cross Country meet.

I remember calling my grandma before we left and she told me to remember what my grandpa always told us, to run like the wind.

And I had never been so sure of something in my life.

That was going to be my first tattoo.

I waited till after that cross country and track season.

So I could give it time to heal and not have to run with it right away.

I remember no one actually thought I was going to get it done.

They kept saying “oh yeah sure you’re going to get a tattoo.”

And I was totally sure of myself until I sat down in the chair.

My calf muscle kept twitching.

No matter what I did it kept twitching.

Janelle was right there to capture the moment and take pictures of my grabbing my leg as tight as I could to get it to stop.

It will always be my favorite.


I actually got my second and third tattoos at the same time.

I don’t know why I needed to.

Well actually, yes I do, my parents call it “tunnel vision.”

And in my eyes these tattoos went together and they needed to be done at the same time.

I had this card from my mom and dad.

They couldn’t make it to our last cross country meet in college so they left a card in our bags without us knowing.

It was the best thing, and so incredibly thoughtful.

Since they knew that they couldn’t be there, they wanted to be with us any way they could.

And my parents always went to our meets, they only missed them if they had to.

I loved the card and loved what my parents wrote.

I had the idea to take lines from the card and turn them into tattoos.

I obviously had to put one on my rib cage, again, not completely sure why, but it was a few lines and fit best there.

I thought of getting the second one across my leg because I had never seen a tattoo there and loved the idea. It’s my favorite place on my body that I have a tattoo and a close second to my foot tattoo.

The one on my ribs is the line from my mom.

“I want to thank you for taking us with you on this awesome ride, I love you, mom.”

That leaves my dad’s on my leg.

“I am so proud to have you as my daughter, I love you, dad.”

I got both of them in their handwriting as well.

After I found out that I was pregnant with Ian I knew I wanted the day he was born tattooed on me.

I had always wanted a small tattoo on my wrist, but it had to be special to me.

Something I could see every day.

Something that would remind me every day how wonderful my life is.

Something that I could look at and instantly smile.

My little boo’s birthday.

I think I got it only two weeks after he was born, but because I was itching for another tattoo when I was pregnant and you obviously can’t get a tattoo when you’re pregnant.

So I needed to get it the moment I had time.

There I am again with that tunnel vision, dang.

I love looking down and seeing a reminder that no matter what’s going on in life, I have Ian smiling and loving me no matter what.


My most recent tattoo I got in March.

I really wanted a design, since all I had up until this point were words or letters.

And when I got Ian’s birthday tattooed they did a test run in purple and I loved it, so I knew I wanted color.

I had thought of getting a flower, an Iris to be more specific.

Because it’s the flower for the month of February, the month that Janelle and I were born.

That’s when the idea started escalating.

I looked up the flower for the month of October, a marigold, an Orange one to be specific. I loved the brightness of it and since October is the month for Jason and Ian’s birthday I jumped on that.

I then looked up the September birth flower for my parents birthdays and found this pretty flower, an aster.

I decided to get this one in pink because I already has a purple iris.

Finally I looked up the month of April which is a sweet pea, basically a glorified daisy, for my little brothers birthday.

I gathered all of the google images and gave it to the tattoo artist and asked him to create a little bouquet.

A bouquet of the flowers for everyone who was important to me.

It hurt.

Besides the one on my ribs which was the WORST.

This one wasn’t fun, if I’m going to be honest.

However, it was over quickly and I even gave the artist a little bit of creative freedom to add stuff here and there. I loved the finish product.


Tattoos are so fun to me.

Addicting, but fun.

I love looking at other peoples tattoos as well, hearing why they got them.

The story behind them, or just the spontaneous idea to get it.

For me, their a way to permanently mark what’s important to you.

A constant reminder of what you love in life.

What makes you the person you are.

What fuels your fire.

I just love tattoos.

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