2018 Resolutions


Here it is.

The last day of Blog to 2018.

20 days of writing straight.

It’s been fun, hard, and challenging.

It has forced me to write when I don’t like the topic or am not in the mood to write. Putting me outside of my comfort zone and telling me that I don’t need to be in the mood to write. That I don’t need to have something life changing happen to write. That I can write no matter what.

I’m so incredibly proud of myself.

It might not seem like a huge deal but it is to me, and that’s all that matters.

I owe myself a piece of cake.

I want to keep writing in 2018, keep improving my posts and growing my followers. 83 might not seem like a lot but it’s so awesome to me.

I’ve never made New Year resolutions before until last year. Actually taking the time to write them down and share them with others made me aware of them. They were always there in my mind, giving me something to work for.

I loved it so much that I decided to do it again for 2018.

I aspire to tackle these goals like I did in 2017.

  1. Run another half marathon. This one makes me nervous, running 13.1 miles when the most I’ve run since having Ian is six. I love running and I want to continue it in 2018. Setting this goal of running another half marathon again will keep me to training and give me something to train for. I just keep reminding myself, you’ve done a marathon Megan, you can do another half.
  2. Take a road trip. This goal doesn’t need to be anything crazy, it could be a trip to a new town a couple of hours away. I just want to go load up the car, put on some good music, and drive. When Jason and I drove up to Seattle for the Mariners game we really got to enjoy each others company. We talked about anything and everything, listened to an episode of my favorite fantasy football podcast, and talked about my new Game of Thrones obsession. Taking a road trip means I get to go somewhere with my family and make a new memory, I’m totally down.
  3. Watch 52 movies. Yes I know, 52 seems oddly specific, but I have a reason. I, Megan, have never seen The Princess Bride or Fight Club. I actually haven’t seen a lot of movies. If you can think of a movie that everyone should watch at some point in their life chances are I’ve never seen it. I got the idea to watch a new movie every week for the year, hence 52 movies. I started to work on creating a list and asked my husband, parents, and brother. People that I knew would give me lots of suggestions. I now have a list of 52 movies and am so excited to get to watch them I think I’m just going to start. No need to limit myself to one a week. Once I finish, I’ll keep going and keep opening myself up to new movies. Don’t worry, there will be a blog post once I’m done.
  4. Work on my patience. I suck at being patient. I honestly don’t have any and I’m completely aware of it. I know I won’t end 2018 living a new life full of patience, but if I can make it better in the slightest I’ll be happy. I just want to be able to handle situations better than I have in the past.
  5. Learn something new. This resolution isn’t specific for a reason, because I don’t know what that something new is yet, but I know I want to learn it. Not necessarily in its fullest but I want to at least start. I could learn a new language, learn how to swim, or driving a stick shift. Anything that I don’t already know how to do is up for grabs.
  6. Daily gratitude. Quite possibly the easiest goal of mine to try and attain. I want to start or finish every day with one thing I’m grateful for. I want to sit for a minute and reflect on the things that make me happy, the things that I’m grateful for. I believe that the smallest task can make a huge difference and put things in perspective or help when I’m having a bad day.
  7. Save money. This goal speaks for itself. There are things Jason and I want to do to our house and trips we want to take one day, having a solid savings is something that will definitely help that. Besides that, I feel as an almost 28 year old that saving money is something I should do. I’m not saying that I want to have this huge savings account and be able to spend it on a crazy trip, but I want to be better about spending and have a substantial savings account.
  8. Be Spontaneous. I am not a spontaneous person, at all. Seriously. I like to have everything planned out. It makes me happy having things planned out and going according to plan. I would just love to be spontaneous one day, say to do something, and just do it. Not to have everything planned out to the last second like I usually do, but to just do it. To let go and just do something because I want to. It might sound crazy to people who are normally spontaneous but I aspire to be that way, even in the slightest.
  9. Start to write a book. It’s one of my life goals to write a book. I have two ideas that have been in my head for a few years and I always go back and fourth between them. I know writing a book is a huge project, that’s why I want to start this year. I want to publish it before I’m 30. It’s crazy saying it out loud, I’ve kept it in my head for so long and on my private Pinterest board without telling anyone. And now I’ve told anyone who reads this. I really don’t care if a million people read it or not. It’s a huge goal of mine and I hope to start it this year.
  10. Don’t be so hard on myself. I’m always so hard on myself, mainly because I’m a perfectionist. If I want to accomplish my resolutions, I know there will be speed bumps along the way. And if I want to make it over those speed bumps, I need to not be so hard on myself. If I make a mistake, learn from it, don’t dwell on it all day. Giving myself some freedom to make mistakes and not be mad at myself for it, can really open up so many doors.

I really did love 2017, and 2016, and 2015. I know that 2018 will follow the trend, because I want it to. If you have a little bit of will power and some determination you really can accomplish those goals or resolutions, and can really change your mindset. I hope 2018 brings us all new experiences, joy, a Dodgers world series trophy, and a Taylor Swift concert. Well..I know I’ll be at the Taylor Swift concert..not sure about you..

2017 Resolutions Review


Oh 2017.

You were quite the year.

I changed jobs, got this awesome little nephew, and watched some important people in my life do some big things.

It was also our first full year with Ian.

Watching him grow up more and more every day has been so much fun.

He started eating solid food, had a bad encounter with peas, started feeding himself, slept in his big boy bed, started sleeping through the night, rolled over crawled, took his first steps, celebrated his first birthday.

This year was full of so many new things.

I made some resolutions last year to give myself some things to work for this year.

Some big some small.

Some were things that could be done in a day.

Others took some time to get in the habit of.

I want to go over the resolutions I made and see how I did.

See if I need to keep these goals for 2018 or make new ones.

  1. I want to sing in the car more. I feel like I accomplished this goal and can keep it going in my daily routine for 2018. Singing in the car has brought me so much simple joy each morning. I’m not talking crazy dance parties, but just singing along to the radio keeps me from getting annoyed with all of the terrible drivers.
  2. I don’t want to overthink and obsess over things. This one will always be kind of a work in progress for me. It’s in my nature to obsess over things, it’s just what I do. When it comes to overthinking I feel like I’ve gotten slightly better, just slightly. This resolution was for one situation particularly and I learned quickly that once I stopped obsessing over it, it took care of itself. Definitely one of the most important lessons I learned from this year.
  3. Put my phone down while eating. This one was super easy once I started. Little goals like this are easy to start and stick with. It just took some self awareness the first few days of putting my phone further away from me while I ate. It’s so easy to just eat and play on your phone and even easier to put it away from you while you eat. Jason and I could talk to each other instead, and now that Ian’s eating we all get to eat together.
  4. I want to keep writing. I’m super proud of myself for this one. When I wrote my resolutions post for last year it was my tenth post, this one I’m writing today is my 56th post. As I’ve said before, this blog was hard for me to start and now I’ve completed a years worth of blog posts. A years worth of putting myself out there and letting others think what they want about it. I got a Facebook message from an old friend after one post and it was seriously the reason that I write. If I can make one person have a positive reaction to my writing then that’s all I need.
  5. I want to stop striving for others approval. I’ll always have a little worry of what other people think of me, I’m not perfect, this will always be a thing. However, I think writing has definitely helped me. I can’t go into a post worrying what others will think of it, or how they’ll react. If I did that, I would never be able to write anything. Trying to please everyone just won’t happen.
  6. I want to go to another Major League Baseball game. In July Jason and I went to a Seattle Mariners game. I’m now at 4 out of 30 for my baseball stadium life goal. It was so much fun, besides getting a terrible sunburn. I’m not quite sure what stadium will be next but I’m excited to find out.
  7. I want to learn that I can’t control everything. This goal goes hand in hand with goal number two. It was really about a specific incident that I was worried about, and trying to control. I found that once I stopped and let life take care of it, it would take care of itself. One of the most important lessons I learned this year.
  8. I want to go to a concert. It’s crazy thinking that when I wrote this goal last year I had no idea who LANY was, let alone that I would be going to their concert. I had Spotify on a random playlist last spring and came across one of their songs and instantly fell in love. I made Jason listen to them and next thing you know were buying tickets to their show in Portland for November. It was such a fun experience. There were so many high school aged kids down on the floor, and everyone in their late twenties sat up above with Jason and I. By far one of the oldest things we’ve ever done was complain about the young kids down on the floor. Even though I was on the eve of my second strep throat diagnosis in a month, it was so much fun. Seriously. Arguably one of the best nights of the year.
  9. I want to dance more. This one has been easily achieved with the help of Ian. We dance in the kitchen together all the time. He’s really shown a love for music, and he does the cutest little wiggle when he hears a song he likes. Seeing the pure joy in his eyes makes me not care how terrible I can dance, if it makes him happy. I’m happy.
  10. Run more. I started running more in the summer and it was the best decision. It was hard to get started, being out of breath and running two minutes slower per mile was discouraging. It made me not want to keep running. Every day was small. I started with two miles and worked my way up to 3. It sounds so silly actually saying it out loud but it was hard. I took a small break and picked it up back in the fall consistently. I remember the day I ran under an eight minute mile, I felt on top of the world. And the day I ran 6 miles, felt like I could do anything. I’ll definitely keep doing this in 2018, and will start with a 10k in January.

2017 was a great year, by far better than I expected. I ended my post last year hoping for a new Taylor Swift album, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m awesome and predicted it. You’re welcome.

My Bucket List


What’s your bucket list? If you had unlimited resources what would you do? Go crazy.

If you had unlimited resources to do anything you wanted to do, what would it be?

If you could go anywhere or do anything, what is it?

I’ve heard the term bucket list before a million times like everyone else, but I’ve never actually sat down and wrote one.

It’s fun, to dream.

To think of anything you could do, if you could do it.

To have these ideas in your head that you want to do one day.

To live for the dreams that flood your mind while wandering.

Something so simple that can give you something to work for one day.

That if you ever had the opportunity to do it, you would.

I’m a firm believer now, that everyone should make a bucket list.

A vision of things you would love to one day accomplish.

So here it is,

My Bucket List

Go to Hawaii
Travel by myself
Watch the ball drop in Times Square
Learn how to swim
See every MLB stadium
Visit Santorini Greece
See the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
Take my loved ones on their dream vacation
Go to opening day at Dodger Stadium with my dad
Visit platform 9 3/4
Write a book
Take a road trip across the United States
Be part of a TV Show audience
See the Eiffel Tower
Visit Disney World
Go to the Olympics
Go indoor Skydiving
Run through Central Park
Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
See an Oakland Raiders game
Go to The Ohio State University and see a football game
Go scuba diving
Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Step foot on every continent
Watch the Northern Lights
Give my parents their dream vacation
Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris
Go to a midnight movie premier
Go to every state

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this throughout my life, this is just something I’ve worked on throughout the last few days. All of the things that if I could, I would do. Consider this my starting place, for my bucket list. That I can come back to and cross off things if I do them, that I can add to if I think of more.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about a bucket list at first, I thought it was pointless to create one if I wasn’t going to be able to do anything off of it.

But it’s important to dream, isn’t it?

I want to teach Ian that it’s important to have dreams.

To have things that you want to work for.

Things that fill your mind with wonder every day.

I want to show him that no matter how big or small, that no dream is out of reach.

And if I can have a list of things I aspire to do one day, that he can too.

That it’s okay to dream.

So try it.

Create a bucket list.

How to live your best life.


What can you do or change to focus on your own well being and live a more balanced life?

What is the definition of a balanced life?

The question that I think needs to be answered first before I start thinking on how to focus on living a more balanced life.

What do I think it means to live a more balanced life.

Being balanced is keeping everything equal, having it all on the same playing field.

Not having too much of something or not enough of another.

To have everything equal as best as you can.

We’re all human.

So it’s extremely hard to keep everything perfectly balanced.

You’re always going to have something slightly outweighing something else.

Whether it’s work, your personal life, your fitness goals, something will usually take priority at any given moment.

But how do we balance it all out?

How do we live our best, well balanced life?

We don’t.

It’s that simple.

We can’t be so focused on having everything absolutely perfect because it won’t happen.

We’ll spend hours and hours worried about having everything balanced and perfect that the next thing we know we’ve wasted our days being worried.

However there are small things we can do throughout our day to try and live a more balanced and overall better life.

We can do things that make us happy.

If we’re happier and in a better mood then we won’t spend our days worried about living our best life.

It’ll just happen.

Our best life.

Unfortunately there are no magic answers for how to live a better life.

There are no ways to guarantee absolute happiness and balance.

It happens by doing what makes YOU happy.

What brings you joy, will give you joy.


Mind blown.

It’s as simple as that, but it’s different for everyone.

What makes me happy won’t necessarily make you happy.

I think the way to focus on your well being and live a more balanced life, is to do what makes you happy.

Big things.

Small things.

Whatever it is, do it.

If you’re unhappy with your job, find another.

If you think you can stand to workout a few days a week, start running.

If you want to eat healthier, start to eliminate some junk food from your diet.

Whatever you think will make you happy, try it.

Sometimes it can be the smallest of things.

Treat yourself to your favorite drink from Starbucks.

Wake up early to sit and watch the sunrise.

Take thirty minutes to write because you want to.

Make your favorite meal for dinner.

Watch an episode of your favorite show.

Take a long shower.

Go for a run.

Listen to your favorite song loudly in the car.

Have a dance party in your kitchen.

Anything that will make you happier in the slightest.

Do it.

Grab a piece of paper and start writing down whatever you like to do.

Big things or small things.

Write them down.

Once you have a substantial list put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day.

Maybe make a copy and put it multiple places.

Keep it anywhere that you’ll see it and go to it whenever you’re feeling stressed or busy.

Having whatever will make you happy at your fingertips.

Whenever you feel like your life isn’t balanced or that you’re not focused on your own well being, take a minute or thirty to do something for yourself that you love doing.

The smallest thing can make you feel more balanced and help you live a life more focused on your own well being.




Top 5 Values


What are your top five values in life? 

When I looked at this prompt I knew of at least one thing I valued in life.

Which sounds sad, that on the top of my head I could only think of one thing I value in life.

And it is.

I’ve just never sat down and asked myself, what are my values?

Try it.

Right now, before you keep reading, try and think of five values you have in life.

Do you have them?

How about now?

If you were able to think of five, congratulations.

If not, then I feel like you are in the same situation as most of us.

You have values, but you can’t quite put your finger on it right away.

If you’re like me, you’ve never actually been asked what your values are.

It’s crazy now that I think about it.

Values are so important.

They’re what we should be modeling our life after.

They’re what we should be teaching our children.

What we look for in others.

Our values are what we believe in.

We should be able to think of these faster.

We should be able to pull out a little card that has all of our values color coded and ranked according to most important.

Okay not really, but we should be able to have a better understanding of our values and at least be aware of them.

What do I value.

What are the things I look to live my life by.

Like I said earlier, I can think of one right away because of the way I was raised.


Honesty is something that I was raised with. Was I always honest growing up? No. But it was something that my parents taught us young. That being honest teaches trust in one another and if you have trust then you’ll have a great relationship. That not being honest can strain a relationship or cause tension and if you can’t trust someone you can’t have it all. I believe honesty is one of the most important things that you can have.


I think I value effort from running. I found out from a young age that when you give all of your effort during a workout or race that you’ll get greatness in return. That during those days when I didn’t feel like trying or didn’t give it my all during practice that I wouldn’t have a great workout. I use this in coaching. I try and tell my kids that your best effort is the way to get the best results, and I’ll tell Ian the same thing when he’s older.


This might be weird, appreciation. That I value appreciation in my day to day life. But think about it. If you thank others and show your appreciation for even the smallest of things you’ll make their day. I believe it’s so important to say thank you in any way you can. Whether it’s literally just saying thank you, or buying your friend a cup of coffee when they need it. Appreciation will make you feel good and more importantly, make others feel good.


I’m not the most positive person in the world, I try to be, but I’ve been known to be a glass half empty type of person from time to time. Hope keeps me going. Hope is that thing I can look to when the negative nelly tries to come through. It’s that thing that keeps me going when I’m having a bad day or feeling down. Having hope that no matter what, something good can happen.


No matter what, it’s important to laugh. There’s not a family get together where someone in my family isn’t laughing. Or a day in my household where Jason and I aren’t making each other laugh. You could be having the hardest day, and laughing can brighten your mood for just the slightest second. Humor can get you through anything.

Honesty, effort, appreciation, hope, and humor.

Five things that I value so much in life.

Five things that I’ve learned from others and try to live my life by.

Try it.

Think of your values.

Of what you and try and live your life by.

It’ll give you a little perspective and help you remember what you hold important in life.





Megan Nicole.


What makes you unique, in a good way?

Unique New York

Unique New York

Unique New York

Sorry that was my warm up for today’s post.

I pulled up my phone and wasn’t super happy when I saw the writing prompt for today.

What makes me unique?

I asked my husband multiple times out of frustration because I had a hard time with it.

I don’t think that I have a lot of unique qualities.

To me unique means something that not a lot of people have.

Something that’s not like others or that is solely you.

I don’t like that word, unique.

It puts a lot of pressure on someone.

When you think unique you think it’s special.

That it’s so rare that only a few can possess it.

That it has to be perfect with no flaws.

I don’t think I have unique qualities.

I have a twin, I’m not the only one.

I run, so does everyone else who wants to get in shape.

I am very type a, and I know I’m not the only one.

But I myself am unique.

Does that make sense?

In my eyes I don’t have many unique qualities but there are many things that make me who I am.

All of those things put together make this weird little concoction.

That gives you me.

There aren’t many people who are made up of everything I am.

Who have all of these traits that equal the person I see when I look in the mirror.

Megan Nicole.

An identical twin, who has been running since she was twelve.

Someone who hates flying and is deathly afraid of spiders.

Who believes in celebrating her birthday week.

Who gets weirdly excited about organizing and cleaning things and loves to plan out every second of every day.

That loves writing and feeling things.

Who doesn’t have a lot of patience.

Who will find an emotional attachment in everything.

Who swears like a sailor.

Someone who loves the beauty in the breakdown of things. Who loves to watch things fall apart just to watch them come back together and bloom from the sadness.

A girl who can quote the entire Step Brothers movie and almost every Taylor Swift song.

Who loves getting up early and values the alone time she can get.

Someone who loves Grey’s Anatomy and thinks that Drake is the best rapper of all time.

Who values a good cup of coffee and words of encouragement.

Someone who believes that having heart is one of the most important things you can have, and who will go above and beyond for others.

Megan Nicole.

Not one of those things is that unique in my eyes.

But together they make me.

They make me who I am.

All of these things mixed with all of my experiences are Megan.

And I am unique.

I like that more.

More than saying something about you is unique, I don’t like that.

I like believing we are unique, as a single person.

That all of these things create this person that gets up every day and lives life.

The likes and dislikes,

The experiences,

The talents,

The mind,

The heart,

They all give you exactly who you are.

And you are unique.

So what makes me unique?


Everything that I am.

My loves,

My fears,

My dreams,

My bad qualities,

My experiences,

My preferences,

Everything that makes me tick,

It’s me.

And I am so happy with who I am.

Because I’m unique.

Gratitude List

day 14


Choose a number and make a gratitude list.

First off, Merry Christmas!

My favorite day of the year is here.

We opened many presents, ate french toast, and had a Pitbull dance party in the kitchen.

You heard me, a Pitbull dance party.

It was so fun watching Ian open presents this year.

Last year he was only two months old so he really didn’t know what was going on.

This year he started to figure out why there were boxes wrapped in snowmen and Santa hats.

I loved watching him figure out Christmas, and I know each year will get better and better.

Since football is on and I have to start making food for Christmas dinner, I’m going to keep this short. This is my favorite day of the year and I want to spend as much time with my family as possible.

It’s only fitting that since today is the 25th of December I make a list of 25 things I’m grateful for.

  1. Ian
  2. My family
  3. My Husband
  4. Pizza
  5. My job
  6. The fact that I can still run an eight minute mile
  7. Marlo
  8. Christmas scented candles
  9. All of the wonderful presents that were given and received today
  10. My health
  11. Mashed Potatoes
  12. The roof over my head
  13. My friends
  14. That I get the day off tomorrow
  15. My new watch
  16. Freeform’s Harry Potter marathon this weekend
  17. Coffee
  18. Coaching
  19. My vacuum cleaner
  20. Fourth place in our fantasy football league
  21. Taylor Swift
  22. Netflix
  23. That Ian usually sleeps through the night in his own crib
  24. Dark chocolate
  25. The fact that I get to live this wonderful life every single day

I hope everyone reading this has the most amazing day and gets to spend it with those who matter most. I’m so excited about dinner tonight I can’t really think of anything else so Merry Christmas, I hope you got to watch Elf at least once today.